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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice is produced by slow pressing the fresh produce without any heat. With this method, all the live enzymes and nutrients are preserved.

Why is cold pressed juice better than bottled juice sold at supermarket?

Cold pressed juice is produced without any heat and have not been pasteurized. Pasteurization process increases shelf life however it also destroys live enzymes and phytonutrients.

Why choose Fresh & Press?

We are one of the first to use a commercial grade hydraulic press in producing our cold pressed beverages. By using this machine, it guarantees the quality and hygiene of the end products, as minimal handling by hands is required. Whole fruits and vegetables are grinded into pulps then pressed with high pressure to extract the juice.

How long can I keep Fresh & Press juices and nut milk?

All our juices and nut milk do not contain preservatives. Although this can be stored longer than the date stated on the bottle, we recommend consuming it within 2 days after date of purchase. Since they are raw and unpasteurized, all juices need to be refrigerated (below 4 degree Celsius) at all times. Once opened, we recommend consuming it within 1 day.

Are all your fruits and vegetables organic?

We tried to source our fruits and vegetables organically where possible. All fruits and vegetables are soaked and washed multiple times using filtered (drinking) water to ensure they are all clean before pressing.

Do you do delivery?

Yes we deliver to most addresses in Jakarta with a minimum order and a small fee. Please check with us whether we deliver to your area.

What time do you usually deliver?

Delivery service is available Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 5PM.

Delivery time is depending on delivery driver’s schedule on the day. However, delivery time may varies due to unforeseen circumstances, thus your package could arrive later in the day. Fresh & Press does not guarantee shipped package arriving at any specific time.

If you require delivery at a specific time or outside of our regular delivery hours, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Juice Cleanses / Juice Detox Related

What is a Juice Cleanses / Juice Detox?

Juice Cleanses is a program designed to help your body rest and boost your metabolism. During the cleanses, you will be given 6 bottles of cold pressed juices (including one raw nut milk).
The purpose of a juice cleanses is to give your digestive system a rest. The energy usually used for digestion is converted to aid detoxification. By consuming our juices, your body is fueled with nutrients, live enzymes and phytonutrients to help your body heal and regain energy.

Should I choose 1 day, 3 days or 5 days detox plan?

It depends on what you want to achieve out of this program. If you are new to this, we recommend starting with a 3 days cleanse.
First day will the most difficult to get over; however once you get through day 1, you will feel more energize during day 2 and 3 of the program. We have found a lot of people extending to 5 days after they get through day 3 because they have gained more energy and they no longer feel the urge to indulge on highly processed food.

How often can I do juice detox?

This depends on your goals. We recommend 3 days cleanse once a month. However, you can also try 1-day detox once a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle like many of our customers do.

How much weight will I lose?

The ultimate goal of cleansing is not weight lost. Our detox package juices are limited to around 1200-1300 calories per day. You might lose some weight during cleansing due to limited calories of the juices you consume during the program and limited intake of solid food. The amount of weight lost during the program varies and depends on the condition of your body.

Will I experience diarrhea?

Generally, the answer is “No”. However people do react to juice detox differently. If you do experience diarrhea, please consult with us immediately.

Can I eat while cleansing?

We recommend a 100% liquid diet during juice detox. However, if you feel that you need to eat during detox, you can consume raw fruits and vegetables only.

Can I drink coffee / tea during cleansing?

During cleansing, refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks including coffees and teas. However, we recommend drinking herbal tea through out the day.

Can I exercise while on cleansing program?

Yes, you can exercise while detoxing. However, we only recommend light exercise such as Yoga, walking or light jogging. Listen to your body and do not force yourself into intense workout.

I experience constipation during cleansing, is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. This is due to no (or minimum) solid food being consumed during cleansing. Once you finished cleansing and start introducing solid food back to your diet, this symptoms will disappear.

I feel lightheaded during cleansing, is this normal?

Yes, this usually happens during day 1 / day 2 of your detox program. Your body is eliminating caffeine, sugars, proteins, fats, etc; hence you will feel a little lightheaded. We recommend consuming warm herbal tea (such as chamomile or peppermint) to ease the symptoms.

If I have diabetes, can I do juice detox?

We do not recommend people with diabetes to join detox program. This is due to the amount of naturally occurred sugar in the fruit juices.

Who should not do juice detox?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 18, the elderly, people with weak immune system and people on medication are not suitable to join the detox program. Please consult with your physicians or contact us if you require more information.

How should I consume the juices?

You will be provided 6 numbered bottles of cold pressed juices and almond milk. Please drink according to the number in order. You can consume your juices 2-2.5 hours apart. Please enjoy and consume your juices slowly.

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